EATLAB is a deep tech spin-out that provides AI analytic services for food services to improve service quality, automate menu engineering,

and optimize pricing and promotions. We understand customer buying decisions with our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and smart sensor technology. Unlike other analytic services, based on large volume of behavioral data, EATLAB delivers suggestions that yield substantive increase in revenue, cash flow and customer retention rate in our clients’ restaurants.

Bridging Food &

Data Science

Dr. Chanikarn Wongviriyawong, a data scientist from MIT and a former professor at KMUTT, Thailand, invented an innovative technology that captures genuine consumers’ preference of in products and services at a stunning level of accuracy.

Our data scientists and technologists team continuously develop models to help our clients to convert their data to valuable business decision making.

Restaurant Analytics

Converting your data into increasing revenue, differentiate, and be a food trendsetter.

Quality Quartz

Drive brand loyalty and increase your customer satisfaction with Deep Learning and Sensors


Combining millions of consumer behavioural data with our own proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, we help our clients monitor and optimize their menu, service quality, price and promotion, to ensure continuous improvements and competitiveness.  

Each EATLAB sensors in all outlets constantly gather data to contribute to drastic improvements in our AI algorithm, pushing the boundary of prediction accuracy. Frontline research and our dedication to deliver value to our clients are at the core of our mission.


Singapore Office : 1 Orchard Spring Ln, Tourism Court, Singapore 247729

Bangkok Office : 110/1 KX Building, 9th fl., Krung Thonburi Road, Banglamphulang, Khlongsan, Bangkok 10600

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