Profit Maximizer



Templates for promotion posters

Customer Behavior Summary

Suggestions of non-discount promotions

Suggestions of discount promotions

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Experimentation engine (to track performance of campaigns

Unlimited promotional suggestions

Cross-channel promotion (leveraging predicted demands in different channels)

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Menu association report

Promotions to increase profits

Performance metric for each campaign

User can search for which menu for campaign

User can search for ranges of discount for campaign

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a demo to test the platform out?

Definitely! Click on Book a Demo below to schedule one. However, if your schedule doesn't permit, you can always log in here using the following username and password.

Username :
Password: Demo@Acc.02

Does EATLAB offers discounts for small restaurants?

We offer heavy discounts for small restaurants. Please contact us here to qualify.

Do you offer a free trial to test EATLAB out before committing?

Yes! We believe that everyone deserves a chance! For Profit Maximizer and Sales Forecast, you are automatically entitled to 1 month free trial!

Do you offer a mobile app to use EATLAB on the go?

No. Right now EATLAB is only available on web. The preferred browsers are Chrome and Firefox. We are currently working on a mobile app version, which is expected to be release in Q1 2022.