Menu Pricing

Know how much your customers are willing to pay for each menu

Price your menu at the optimum price.

With the optimum price, you maximize revenue and profits to your outlet. 

Know your competitor pricing.

In a highly competitive market as restaurants, the key is access to more intelligible information.

Forecast Demands.

Demand estimation helps you forecast changes in pricing that might be needed down the road.


Menu Engineering

Know what your customers truly value in your restaurants and stay ahead of trend.

Turn your data into insightful actions to maximize your profits.

Understand what ingredients, process, and flavour keep your customer satisfied.

Discover new trends and menu before others.

Staying ahead of the game by being informed of trends and changes in the market. 

Forecast and Respond.

Instead of reacting to changing trends, we help our clients forecast dynamic consumer demands order to respond with data intelligence.

Quality Quartz

Quality of services is key to retaining your customers.

Manage your restaurant anywhere, anytime.

Provide a status report of your employees quality of services.

Operational intelligence.

Our technology provides suggestions on how to make your service quality better.

Manpower optimization.

We help you size your staffs according to the actual need of your restaurant. 


Promotion Analytics

Do you want to design a combination set that improves your margin? Or wonder how much discount you should give to maximize overall profits? 

Plan promotion using real data.

No more trial and error for promotion design.

Learn from others.

Our services add machine learning capability to your restaurant. So others' mistakes won't be repeated. 

Profit optimization. 

Promotion Analytics' goal is to maximize your entire outlet's profits. 



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